"LOST" Is Returning To TV... Kinda

Posted on Friday, Jun 22, 2018 by Ashton

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So Lost "is" returning to TV's, but with a twist! ...And with that very faintest of hints, its set the interwebs on fire.

There's no Hurley, Kate, Dr. Jack, John Locke or Man in Black. That's a twist, yeah... but it's the REAL twist that's sending a frenzy in both directions: excited and/or mad.

Basically, throw Lost into a blender with the Tom Hanks movie Castaway & the T.V. competition series Survivor, and you'll get what ABC's calling "Castaway" ((sounds original, huh?!)) ...and yep. It's another "reality" show added to the mix.

The premise: REAL people get stranded on abandoned islands in the South Pacific. Totally alone... minus the camera crews?!?

Not gonna front, the teaser has me curious! ...You?

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