Failure to launch

Posted on Friday, Jul 6, 2018 by Ashton

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The pic above REALLY sums it up for any and every relationship at some point, eventually! Where it feels like you're just about ready to snap! -- I'm talkin' friendships, dating, family dynamics, and yes, marriages. The great news is, it doesn't always have to be like that! Sometimes the solution is the most simplistic thing; communication.

A "simple" lesson I've been working on for......EVER! And I'm still learning.

But this 99 second vid sums up... wellll... pretty much my entire life. Every relational dynamic. Yep! Even in my own marriage. (14 yrs & countin! ...only by the grace of God!!) So know you're not alone! We're ALL constantly learning!

Just remember: It's NOT about the nail!  ...always!*
*Howevs, if there is a physical nail; it'll definitely be about the nail! #firstaid

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