New Years' Resolution in August?

Posted on Friday, Aug 3, 2018 by Mandy

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If I asked you to tell me your New Year’s Resolutions from January…could you do it? If you are like me, it probably had something to do with losing 20 pounds, prepping all your meals from scratch and becoming an overall better person…all by January 18th, if possible.


I think big resolutions are GREAT…but let’s be honest…they rarely become reality. Now, I know what you are thinking. Mandy, it’s August – why are you bothering me about something from January? Leave me alone!! Ok, I will J but first…let me tell you what I read yesterday. I don’t know why I read it. I didn’t want to click on it…but it kind of changed me. It was all about comfort. Let me tell you…I LOVE feeling comfortable. I think I want to be buried in sweatpants…but the author said that comfort isn’t feeling good, comfort is feeling nothing. He went on to say that God doesn’t want us to feel nothing. He wants us to be motivated…and you and I both know that comfort is probably the opposite of motivation. So I’ve been thinking about THAT for the last 24 hours.

Comfort Zone May Be Hazardous to Your Health

How does that apply to New Years resolutions? I want you to think about them in a new way.

We make big declarations of change in January and then by March we are back in our comfort zone…feeling nothing…not motivated at all. Let’s flip the sript. I started this year making monthly resolutions. At the beginning of each month, I come up with 1 but NOT more than 3 little things I want to improve on by the end of the month. For real, one of my resolutions this month is to finish the book on my nightstand. They don’t have to be life changing…but that’s the cool thing. When you get to the end of the month and you see that you have been motivated to change a few things in your life…you are even MORE motivated to work on 1 or 2 more little things the next month….and pretty soon, it could be VERY life changing.


So…I say all that b/c it is still early in the month. Start now! Choose 1 thing you want to improve on by the end of the month and DON’T let yourself get comfortable. Finish it by the end of the month. Maybe you want to work out 1 or 2 times a week this month. Air1 can help! We put together a playlist that will motivate you like nobody’s business. Check it out here!

Ps…I still want to be buried in sweatpants. Don’t judge me.

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