You Are Not Perfect...But You Are Good Enough

Posted on Thursday, Aug 16, 2018 by Mandy

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Somebody told me that last year and I never forgot it.

Honey, you are not perfect…but you are good enough.

They shook my arms while they were saying it…and then hugged me as I sobbed.

I was in the grips of a back to school meltdown…she helped me shake it.

Those words were everything.

This time of year…whether you have kids or not, is a time that feels like a fresh start.  A time where you want to put new things into practice…get more organized, be more on time…all of that.

I am someone that puts SUPER HIGH expectations on EVERYTHING….including back to school. I know I shouldn’t…but I do.  I want the perfect lunches packed…all the clothes laid out…the house cleaned every night etc. Guess what?! That NEVER happens! Sure, maybe for a few days weeks or months…but we are all going to have lots of days where we don’t measure up to picture perfect.

I remember a day last year…I was dropping my boys off at school…late, of course. I was rushed, they had horrible attitudes and I was telling them all the things they did that made us late. Don’t you wish you would have been in THAT car?! I made them get out at the 4-way stop a few blocks from their school and walk the rest of the way because I was going to be late for the show. They looked at me like I was dropping them off in the middle of the desert with no food and water! I can still see their faces! Now, they were in high school and were totally capable of walking 3 blocks, but as I drove away all of my expectations for a perfect school year came crashing down around me. I started to hear these phrases in my brain.

You are a horrible mom.

You can’t do anything right.

What’s wrong with you?!

Lies. All lies…but I believed them all. That was the day this friend of mine grabbed me and said those words. You are not perfect, but you are good enough. Am I a horrible mom? NO. I had a horrible day. There’s a difference.

Perfection is not possible in back to school, motherhood or life….it’s just not.

When you can let go of that…it’s so freeing.

You are not perfect…but you are good enough…and you are going to have a great school year…even if you are late and give your kids coleslaw for lunch.

Good enough. 

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