I dont understand how we got here

Posted on Friday, Jun 29, 2018 by Mike & Lauren

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How often do you find yourself saying that?! 

I'm wondering how I ended up with a ridiculous amount of flamingo themed items. I dont even like flamingos. They are interesting enough. Ballerina-esq with their one leg standing technique. Fascianting that they absorb the color of whatever they eat. Thats all good and fine but I don't like them. I dont like birds in general actually. Yet my collection of flamingo items continues to grow!  I imagine everyone thinks I love them because they are pink—and I am a pink freak--and perhaps, like the dominos effect, someone saw I had one sitting on my desk and assumed 'she must love them.'  Generous hearts from different areas of my life have gifted me towels, t-shirts, stickers, floats, and most recently salt and pepper shakers (such a thing exists and they are actually pretty cute)
I just cant seem to end the madness now that everyone seems to think I love flamingos. I dont want to hurt anyones feelings. 

Ever end up with a collection of things...you didn't even like?!
#AccidentalCollection #TheStruggleIsReal

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