Cooling solution for sunburns is in your bathroom

Posted on Monday, Jul 2, 2018 by Mike & Lauren

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Do you have any home remedies for a sunburn?? Aloe vera is always the obvious but I dont like how sticky it makes ya!

I look like a blotchy crab #SunburnArt #MissedASpot 

Turns out relief could be in the bathroom! SHAVING CREAM is apparently great on a sunburn. Who knew?! The  ingredients are extremely moisturizing, healing, and cooling. Put it on for 30 minutes and then shower it off. Though its not recommended on the face because it can lead to a breakout (and aint nobody got time for that…especially on top of a sunburn #ThanksButNoThanks) 

Do you have anything you always count on soothing a sunburn? 

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